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How to insert your stories faster when you have a site ? 
12th-Nov-2006 11:13 am
endzeit, ebm, gothic, deathkey
To feed our site with your newsstories you can post those stories yourself or you can ask your readers to do it.

However, you may easen the way to have your links added by using a button including the foloowing url in your webpages:
http://www.deathkey.com//submit.php?url=YOUR_URL . Simply replace the YOUR_URL with your dynamic URL and off you go !</ol> This way readers (and in fact also the webmasters) can easily submit the story.

deathkeyFeel free using the Deathkey.com icon image here on the left to link to the post. The more it gets spread, the better.
12th-Nov-2006 11:02 am (UTC)
one more thing - i would like to get (and suggest you to make one) the PMG picture of your logo for social bookmarking (the examles are here http://3spots.blogspot.com/2006/05/social-bookmarking-buttons-you-can.html)

i have seen this one http://www.deathkey.com/favicon.ico but i need a PNG picture (16x16 pixels, please) since it's kinda official now!
thanx in advance!
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12th-Apr-2011 08:10 pm (UTC) - Can't wait to have my say
Hey - I am definitely glad to find this. great job!
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