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17th-Nov-2006 04:25 pm - Update on the voting system
endzeit, ebm, gothic, deathkey
Hi DK's !

In order to have the testers see a faster impact on their actions, I have changed last night the voting system a bit at www.deathkey.com . This way posts will appear much quicker on the frontpage where they can be voted on.

Happy voting !

Hanna A.
endzeit, ebm, gothic, deathkey
To feed our site with your newsstories you can post those stories yourself or you can ask your readers to do it.

However, you may easen the way to have your links added by using a button including the foloowing url in your webpages:
http://www.deathkey.com//submit.php?url=YOUR_URL . Simply replace the YOUR_URL with your dynamic URL and off you go !</ol> This way readers (and in fact also the webmasters) can easily submit the story.

deathkeyFeel free using the Deathkey.com icon image here on the left to link to the post. The more it gets spread, the better.
9th-Nov-2006 11:55 am - Several bugs found and destroyed
endzeit, ebm, gothic, deathkey
After the launch we have now over 150 people beta-testing www.deathkey.com, by posting, commenting, checking links, clicking everywhere in order to get the system on its knees :). Thanks to all those nice volunteers. A couple of magazines (virus magazine and side-line being the most known ones) have also actively joined the site t(either personally or via users from their site) to enter their news on a daily basis.

One magazine decided to pull out of it, which I find very sad especially because this project has just started up. They wanted immediate and massive traffic, well, it does not work that way. We are building up a network with several sources and all will benefit from it on the long term. I also sensed some competition towards other magazines in their motivation to leave to be honest. I truly hope they will change their mind, but I fear not.

We also had to block news from one other magazine because "they had not allowed anyone to link to their news directly". So we put that magazine on block for good. They also threatened us with a lawsuit. Nice, really nice. As if this scene is big enough to have such egoes?


6th-Nov-2006 01:36 pm - Beta-testers wanted for Deathkey.com
endzeit, ebm, gothic, deathkey
For the past week we have had over 100 beta-testers checking out the interface for www.deathkey.com on the secured serverspace. Now that we have gone live (and hit 1000 unique visitors yesterday) we need an extra amount of beta-testers to see how the servers will react on the amount of visits and usage of the site.

Interested to become a beta-tester ? Go straight to www.deathkey.com , sign up and start posting / voting / commenting. If you want to stay informed as well as to what we do, you can also subscribe to our newsletter.

Thanks !

5th-Nov-2006 09:15 pm - Deathkey.com is launched in beta
endzeit, ebm, gothic, deathkey
The news leaked a bit earlier than we had hoped but we can confirm that www.deathkey.com has been launched. The site is a social bookmarking site for the gothic / endzeit community where people can post links to news stories and also vote on these stories.

Visit www.deathkey.com for more info and to register (for free of course!) The best voters will get free cds, merchandise etc.
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